Monday, March 30, 2009

Knitted, Felted bags

Last year I posted pictures of 2 bags my sister Linda knitted for me. She also felted the bags. I decided that I would sew fabric lining and handles for both bags but never had time to do this until last week.

This is the pink bag, now with a lovely cotton pink gingham lining and handles. I also sewed on the roses my sister knitted and felted.

A closer view of the pockets I sewed on in the lining. Not a large bag, but enough room for your purse, cellphone and other daily must-haves.

This is the blue bag - my favorite! It came out really pretty with the polka dot blue lining.

A close up of the lining and roses. I did this bag first and forgot to add pockets to the lining. I read on another crafter's blog that her daughters refuse to get the "prototype" of anything she makes as this one always has all the mistakes! So true. I always forget something with the first one I make! Still happy with the results though.