Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Stash from England

This is my FIRST purchase of Manos yarn. Fabulous colours, very expensive, but so worth it! I had literally 2 hours to pop out for some shopping during my trip last week. Staying in Bracknell outside of London makes shopping limited, but I did find a lovely yarn store very close to the hotel The Pincushion is a lovely little store that stocks fabulous yarns and provides friendly, personal service. The question is - will I EVER be able to use this divine yarn?! So far I am touching it regularly and staring at it, no plans for using it...

I also found this yarn there - Rico Creative Poems Aran. Never heard of this yarn before. I still need to look it up. Maybe it is local. I never knew the UK produces so many different wool yarns! This is feltable, see the swatch I have already run through my washing machine in the pic?

Another FIRST. My first Cascade 220 yarn. Yummy colours and oh, so soft. I had the foresight to order some stuff via the internet before my trip and had it sent to a colleague in our London office as I knew my shopping time was limited. This I ordered from Loop. Would have loved to visit the shop, but maybe next time.

I found this lovely shop online - They have their own British wool and this is one of them, called Charcoal Donegal. A bit scratchy to the touch, but still lovely.

More Sheepfold wool yarn. This time in a light grey, 100g balls with 160m on. This shade is called Flint. Sheepfold recently launched their own book called "Felted Bags". Fabulous patterns inside and of course, I had to get a copy of that too. I will do a book review soon. I was so impressed with their fast, friendly service, even after my order was placed.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I'm back!

I cannot believe it has been a whole month since I blogged! Things have been really hectic at work and a trip to London also took up a lot of time. I am back and had a very productive crafty weekend with lots to share! First up, some lovely felted bags I have made. Introducing the Pinktulip Puff Purse, my very own design!
Just LOVE this purse! It is a super-easy, super-fast, crocheted and felted bag. I am still experimenting with it as i was not happy with the size of the opening at the top, but it is just gorgeous! I have drafted a free tutorial, which I will post on Ravelry sometime soon.

My second attempt following the Puff Purse pattern did not puff at all! I made the top opening far too big and no puff. I'll just have to try again. I do love this purse as well. I used a handle technique from a pattern I purchased on Ravelry and just love it. I still need to add a magnetic snap.

I also made this bag. There is a free pattern on Ravelry for this bag, I think it is called the Square bag, not sure. You are supposed to knit 22 squares, but my Italian yarn was too thick so I adapted it to another pattern called the Tapestry Crochet bag, It took two tries in the washing machine to felt it, and I am still not 100% happy. I will however use it as is now.

I will share more details on each bag on Ravelry if you are interested. I have lots more to share, but will save it for the next few blogs. I am happy to be back and will slowly do the rounds and visit all of you! Hope your week is great!