Monday, September 26, 2011

Stretch Knit Jacket

Today I want to share my STRETCH KNIT JACKET with you. After several days of searching on the Internet to find a pattern, I finally looked through all my Burdastyle magazines. I found several that I really liked, but then decided to make a pattern from a store-bought jacket I already own and adore. In fact, I own two of these jackets.
This is my favorite. It has a huge blue owl stitched onto the back. The stitching is done in a unique way, making the seams look unfinished and using contrasting colour thread.
This is the second jacket, in a dark creme colour with black flower pattern. This one has a large flower stitched on the back. Both jackets are from a local designer OLKAPOLKA and can be bought at Big Blue or YDE.
I layed the jacket on my sewing table and copied the panel pieces to make my own pattern. Using stretch knit fabric I just ordered from Hobby Lobby in the US, this is my first attempt:
I added white stretch knit fabric for lining. I just love the white contrast detail on the sleeves! The button holes were a REAL challenge! Even after adding some iron-on support, it was still a challenge. I did most of the buttonholes by hand in the end.
I love the almost "unfinished" look of the sewing detail. The original jacket is sewn by putting the lining and outer jacket parts wrong sides together, leaving the seams looking unfinished. Very cool effect! I am planning several more of this jacket with a few small changes such as more firm support in the front panels and collar.