Monday, June 28, 2010

Knit jersey tops

My apologies for being absent for so long again! I have no excuse except that things have been so hectic at work and home the last few weeks. Not that it has slowed down a lot, but I missed my blog friends, so here I am! Creativity has also suffered greatly the last month. I seem to have plenty of WIP's, even more than before! And I keep starting new projects and not finishing them. Urgh. I think this is a sure sign that I am not feeling very creative at all.

I did finish this gorgeous orange and black bag above. Love, love, love it! Just wish I can now sew the lining so I can use it! I just adore this bag. It was a pain to change colours the whole time and I tried several methods, but ended up with the old fashioned method of cutting the yarn and starting with a new color. This left me with hours of finishing work, but well worth it. The little belt and buckle is so cute. I plan to make leather handles but I am debating a new way of using them. I will share the finished bag once I get to it!
I did make a few knit jersey tops in the last few weeks and am already wearing them. This top I made with lovely black and white knit fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby this year in Chicago. This is from a new pattern I bought online.
This top I made from a very easy pattern and it only has two pattern parts. Quick to make!

This is my first attempt at sewing ruffles to my tops. Real easy and such fun to make. I really like the end result. Apologies for the shiny photo!
I have had this fabric for quite a while and cannot understand why I have not used it before. It is a lovely quality knit fabric. I just love the colors! This is another top from my favorite Bernina Inspiration magazine pattern.
I am experimenting with combining colors in my tops and this is the first one I made. Love the bright orange and black together. Not sure if this is what I really wanted, but I have worn it a few times already.
Apart from these, I have a zillion new projects such as bags, scarfes, hats, tops, etc. that are halfway. Too embarrasing to share all of them! I hope to have some completed projects to share as soon as I can get myself inspired to finish something. Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Parcel in the Post

My apologies for being absent so long. This flu is really nasty and took hold of me for two weeks straight! Things are hectic at work so no chance of even taking a day or so off, so I suppose that's why it took so long to shake it. I was cheered up no end when I received a parcel from my friend on the farm a few days ago!

Inside, the most delicious goodies! Some stunning wool yarn, a sewing magazine, a gorgeous crochet pattern for a bag, hat and scarf and two bag handles! I had to laugh when I saw the empty easter egg wrapper inside! Thank you so much Karol-Ann for all the lovely goodies! I cannot wait to use the yarn and handles.

I will be doing the rounds to see what all of my favorite blog friends have been up to the last two weeks and to say hello. In the next few days I will share the few projects I have been busy with lately. Not much, but I hope productivity will improve!