Monday, December 15, 2008

New Pincushions for new pin toppers!

I recently discovered the most gorgeous pin toppers on Etsy made by Yifatii. It took a while to decide which ones to buy - they are ALL gorgeous! - and when I received them, I just had to make new pincushions to show them off!

I made this pink pincushion from felt and attached pretty ribbon tape on the side as is in my new book "Pretty Little Pincushions". Here I show off my sweet treats pin toppers. They are adorable!

I made this brown and creme pincushion based on the same idea as the pink pincushion above and here I show off some of my cupcake pin toppers.

This pink cupcake pincushion is simply adorable and so easy to make. I cannot remember which blog I got this from though! It shows off my lovely new pink cupcake pin toppers.

I also found the pattern for these cute little hedgehogs and decided to make a few!

Lastly, and the BEST of all! I asked Yifat to make me a custom order of pink tulip pin toppers. They are so amazing! She even made me a free little charm to go with the set! You must go look at her Etsy shop and buy some of these gorgeous pin toppers and other lovely polymer clay items she makes. She is a true artist!

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manda said...

The tulips are just lovely!