Thursday, February 18, 2010

New stash

On the last day of the Arthur Bales Sale, I found this. Not on sale, sadly, but still at a great price. This is the most fabulous quality knit jersey fabric in black and purple polka dots. (The brown in the middle is from another shop at three times the price!) I purchased 2,5m of each as I am not sure what I want to make yet. (Of course, I have been a regular visitor on recently too!)
I started knitting a scarf the other night. Love this thick yarn. I am using the huge knitting needles that came free with a copy of Let's Knit magazine from the UK. It's one HUGE skein. Since I am off to Chicago in just two weeks' time, I need a few warm things.
I have also been busy searching for nice new fabric handbag patterns and ended up buying a few patterns too. I just cannot decide on which one to make first! Hope you are all having a great week so far!


Anonymous said...

You have GREAT polkadots! Love them! The expensive one looks very good, but you know, me and purple..
How do you want to make that scarf? Already have an idea?
Show it! You could have it finished already! ;)

Gingini said...

Well, I forgot to type my name, ai..