Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jersey Knit Tops

I promised to take pictures and share the 5 jersey knit tops I made last weekend. I did sort out my camera batteries, but last night I had to put my new tops in the wash to prepare for my trip to Chicago. I am leaving today! And I am not nearly ready yet. I did manager to take pics of two of the tops though. Above is the first one, made from a lovely silk jersey fabric. It slides across your skin, really nice fabric. Crappy picture, but the pattern is a bright yellow and black on a white background.

This is the pattern I used. I did modify the pattern though. I cut the neckline higher and added plain three quarter sleeves instead of the ruffled sleeve. The first top I made, I did make with the ruffled insert in the neckline. Very nice.
The pattern can be found in this issue of the Bernina Inspiration magazine, Spring 2008. This is by far the easiest pattern I have ever used. Just three pattern pieces, excluding the neckline band, and you are done. I made another 4 (yes 4!) of these tops last night. (Whilst I was supposed to be packing my suitcase, I was sewing!) I have now made 8 tops from this pattern. You know me, if I like a pattern, I make a lot of it!

I did make two of these tops too. I forget now the name of the pattern, but I purchased this pattern online from This one is a plain white top and very comfortable. The back has a high V shape too. I just love the look of using my new twin needles! The tops look store-bought with this finishing.

I also decided to quickly line the crocheted cap I recently made with fleece. This makes the cap so nice and warm, perfect for windy Chicago weather.

Lastly, I quickly lined this crocheted bag I recently made with bright yellow fabric from one of my favorite designer, Me and My Sister Studio.

Here it is, all finished. Done in quite a hurry, so not the greatest job! I love this little bag and hoped to still quickly crochet a purple bag in this style to take with me on the trip, but time ran out.

And that is my last post until I get back from my trip. Hope you all have a great weekend. I am looking forward tio shopping at Jo-ann and Hobby Lobby this weekend!


Yana said...

lovely tops and crochet bag :) have a great time on your trip!

Gingini said...

Hey, what a good idea lining a crocheted cap! I never did that! And the lining of your purse makes the whole thing so happy! :)
I think I want a purse like that. It looks easy enough I think.
And all those tops, wow, you must have so much stuff with you! ;)
Have a nice trip and come back soon!

sewkalico said...

Love those tops - I think I must try and find that pattern!
Hope you have a safe and fun trip!!

jacqueline said...

Your tops and bags are sooo gorgeous and they have such wonderful colors! Have a lovely merry happy trip! Love to you!

Lova said...

I love your tops, especially the first one. You made 4 in a night! Wow! Where did you find the silk jersey, none of my usual shops sell any and I would like to buy some to make a casual dress.

jacqueline said...

Hiee there! I hope you are doing well and good! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!