Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Completed WIP's!

I had a lazy weekend, starting a (another) new crochet bag, reading, preparing lining for all the finished bags...Sunday late afternoon I realized the weekend is almost over and I have not even made a dent in all the WIP's. A frenzy of sewing activities and by 1am (yes, I know, that's crazy!) I had accomplished a lot.
I started this crochet bag last week and finished the handles and lining on Sunday night. I had different plans for finishing this bag, but changed my mind at the last moment.

I used one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics to line this bag. I attached the lining at the top with hadsewing, not my favorite way of doing things. I suck at handsewing, but I find that PATIENCE makes it better. Not a virtue of mine...The black heart brooch is from a top I bought years ago.

This little felted bag I must have made about 6 months ago. The lining was cut and ready about 2 months ago. Terrible, isn't it? Anyway, this bag was my first attempt at using Cascade 220 yarn and I was horrified at how much this yarn shrunk in the machine! It was so small I could not even fit my purse inside. The idea to make it bigger using fabric was born and Sunday night I finally sewed the bag. I am quite pleased that I managed to save this little bag!

This is a enlarged version of the Gelato Bag from Fibertrends. It is a mixture of wool and mohair. My what a lot of fluff this own gives off! Found this gorgeous large pink flower button at Arthur Bales last Saturday.

Now I have lined felted bags before, but never an odd shape like this. What a struggle the rounded edges at the top were! Can you see the creases in the corners from all my efforts? Well worth it though. Love the bag and wearing it today!

This bag I crocheted about two weeks ago, just a random bag with no pattern. Love the final effect. It just needed lining and handles sewn.

Handsewing the lining in this bag posed a problem. The lining is a light lime green and the bag black. I cannot use black thread because it will look so ugly on the inside. Green thread showed on the outside. So I decided to machine-sew the lining using green thread on the top and black at the bottom. Work well except I stretched the bag a bit and the lining ended up scew. Urgh! The bag is back in the queue and one day I will undo the lining and re-do it.

My hexagon bag all sewn together. LOTS of handsewing here! Took a whole evening with the black wool! Must admit, most of that time was spent trying to figure out the shape. I am not so pleased with the final result. I don't like tall bags, but I do like the overall look of it. The handles are not sewn on, neither is the black lining done yet. I am still deciding...

The bag I am busy with right now. I saw a picture of a bag with this pattern on a designer's website and worked out the pattern from the picture. Hopefully it will be finished this week. Love the grey and pink and the effect of the spike stitch. From far away it looks like little blocks.

Autumn arrived over the past weekend. There is a decided chill in the air and I had to look for my light jerseys this weekend. I am not a fan of winter, but at least ours is very short and the sun still shines every day. Hope you all have a great week!


Elizabeths Attic said...

Love the bags (as usual)I have tried on a number of occassions to contact you but my mail always gets returned. So thought I would try this way. The pattern you wanted was in a book (mentioned on my blog) called simple chic - It is a full wardrobe of clothes an the patterns are all in the book. They are simple garments but the instructions are not very clear - I rambled about this a few weeks ago. I have made that top for myself three times and a friend twice and every time it has come out different for some reasons. Anyway if you want a copy of the pattern let me know and I can send one in the post. holland8bw@btinternet.com

sewkalico said...

Wow so many bags, no wonder you have so little time :-))) They are great for different reasons! (and only you know where the flaws are so NO unpicking!!)