Friday, January 27, 2012

Hope Dress

I don't believe I have the tension quite right yet on my new serger, but at least the thread does not snap off anymore. What a beautiful and neat finish it gives clothing. Why have I never used one before? Here is my completed version of the Hope Dress.
It does not look like the Hope Dress at all! This is a shorter version that started out as a top, but now looks more like a cardigan/jacket to me. Here it is without a belt...
And here it is with a belt...I realize that I will have to wear this top with slim-fit pants or skirt to avoid looking big. I also spent some time shortening the hems of a few new pairs of linen pants last night.
Then I made this lovely and simple knit top. I used a top I bought as a template for making my own pattern. It has a seam in the middle of the front and all seams are serged instead of being sewn. It has these cute little cap sleaves. Really nice top, very quick to make and looks stunning.
And then, when I was serging the neckline, my hand slipped and I pulled the fabric and the serger took a huge bite out of the neckline! Can you see it on the pic above? Look at the scew neckline to the left. I was so MAD at myself! It happened with the one sleeve too, but I could fix that easily. The neckline, nor so easy to fix. I tried to cut the right side to match, but it looks funny now. Tonight I will serge it again and make the neckline more round to even it out. I obviously still need to get more driving experience on the serger....

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