Monday, June 25, 2012

Stenciling mastered...

I look at the pictures I posted in February this year showing my first attempts at stenciling onto fabric and I cringe! Lots of research and practice later, and most importantly, the right tools, and this is my first top I made with this method.
This is a repeat of several paisley patterns I bought from The Stencil Company at the HobbyX craft exhibition in Johannesburg in March this year. The paint is a charcoal grey, not sure if you can see the color clearly.
I added an African pattern to the sleeves. Cute. Really love this top. I have a few others that are in progress, hanging on the walls of my sewing room...
Like this natural color knit top with the cutest African dance scene stencilled on. This stencil is just one of the extensive range available on based in Cape Town.
A closer picture of the dance scene...stenciling with a sponge makes all the difference!
And this is a skirt I am working on. I plan to do lots more of these.

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