Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another felted bag!

This bag has taken a long time to complete! But worth the wait and pain! First, I ran out of the dark brown wool yarn. I hunted around the country and found a yarn shop in Cape Town that had 3 skeins left and were kind enough to post it to me. Last weekend I finished the bag.

This is the bag before felting. Rather large and I was not sure how much it will felt.

Since I was experimenting with leather bag handles last weekend, I decided to make this my first bag with leather handles. I sewed in the D-rings before I felted it and added the handles afterwards.
A little view of the inside of the bag, showing one of the pockets I added. I crocheted two pieces and felted them, then sewed them on after the bag was dry. I absolutely love the bag! Big enough for all my daily stuff and it looks smart. The handles make a big difference. And see my magnetic closure?

Today I finally found some black and grey wool yarn at Fiona's. Could not believe my eyes as I go there often and never saw the yarn! Amazing what you find when you scratch a bit! Now I can finally make the bag I have wanted to make for a while now. Watch this space!
The grey and black bag is done! My hands may however never be the same again...this Italian 100% wool I bought at Fionas...maybe the Italians should rather design sportscars, not make wool yarn! The yarn was irregular. It had thin parts and then THICK parts. Torture!

So, here is the felted bag. Losely based on the Sophie Bag pattern I purchased, but because this wool is so thick, it came out different. My first bag using a belt from my closet! I think it looks lovely. Almost dry and ready to use. I'll be sewing for a little while to let my hands recover...

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Unknown said...

really cool bags! well done!!