Monday, July 27, 2009

Zippered cushions

I cleaned up and re-arranged my sewing room recently. It was getting really cluttered with all the constant adding to my stash...(don't see this changing soon though!). Love the new look. I will share some of my new storage ideas as soon as I have taken pictures.
The most important change I had to make was to bring one of my thrift store cane chairs into the small room. I created this little corner where I can comfortably sit and crochet or knit. The chair needed a nice cushion though. A while back I found this awesome tutorial here And what a great tutorial this is! Look at my pink pillow below...

The tutorial makes a very neat zipper! I used pink fleece for the back (so huggably soft, hmmm!) and lovely flowery cotton from Hobby Lobby for the front. This tutorial makes the cover fit a standard cushion snugly, which is great.

Not the greatest picture, but I made a blue one for my son. Also used blue fleece for the back and "manly" cotton fabric for the front. I gave it to him and 5 minutes later went back to take th picture - it has already been used to sit on, flat as a pancake! But I do like to see stuff I make being used.

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jacqueline said...

Hieee pink!! Missed you while i was away! I have so much to read here on your lovely blog and eenjoying every bit of it! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!