Monday, August 24, 2009

Crafting for a good cause

This is a new one for me...I normally donate craft supplies, but have not really made stuff for charity before. This time it is personal though. My sister and BIL live in a small town and their local church has been so good to them during very difficult times the last few years. So when my BIL mentioned the church fete coming up and his desire to sell some of our (my sister and I) crafty stuff on the "handmade table", I volunteered to make stuff as my sister is busy packing to move to a smaller place. This is my small way to say thank you and at the same time, all
proceeds go to helping other people in need.
Aren't these adorable? I found this fabulous website promoting Japanese crafting and it had links to free patterns. This is from Clover Japan and although I had some reservations about following a Japanese crochet pattern, it turned out easier than I thought. This is called a Zakka drawstring pouch, I believe. I made three and made each one different on the inside. This is my favourite!
Also from Clover Japan, this cute little bag. I changed it slightly by making a crochet handle fastened with a button. (Not sewn on yet as you can see!) Must make a pink one for myself!
This is a cute little drawstring pouch I made using the same pattern as the bag above, but on a smaller scale. Very cute. I still want to add a little crochet flower to this one.
Very simple crochet pincushion. I inserted a little bag and closed it with a single crochet stitch. I made a few of these in various colours. Still need to add buttons to all of these.
Several bookmarks. I am planning to block or stiffen them and add a little flower at the top. It will be my first try at either blocking or stiffening, but armed with some good instructions from the internet, I plan to give it a try!

Last, but not least, a cute little crochet basket! I used a tutorial to crochet the basket, but added the holes for ribbon at the top. No time to make much more as the parcel must go of this week and I still have to do all the finishing touches.
I have lots of WIP's lying around my sewing room and was horrified to discover more last night! I plan to spend some time during the evenings this week to finish quite a few of these before any new ideas pop in my head! Hope you have a great week!


jacqueline said...

Such a lovely wonderful thing your doing! Your bags, pincushions, bookmarks and basket are just sooo beautiful and cute!! Love them all. :) I hope your weekend was good and a good merry week ahead! Love to you!

Mark said...

Wow, you have been busy! Such cute stuff. Hope they sell well!

Jesse said...

That's a lot of work! The crochet/fabric bags are great. I made a similar one using a small basket once, and it was my favourite bag.