Thursday, September 24, 2009

New WISHLIST items!

This is now NUMBER ONE on my wishlist! Whilst browsing around the Internet for Japanese yarn, I found this. It is a Japanese set of double sided crochet hooks called "Hamanaka Rakuraku" and many bloggers report these crochet hooks to be fantastic to work with. Sadly they are horrendously expensive. If you can find them on e-Bay or an English speaking site, they are just over $50 a set, with shipping they would cost me almost $70. It comes in a lovely zippered case that some sites sell at an extra $15. Then, I can bank on another $20 or so custom duties as well. A bit pricey...but still number one on my list!

The second is a book from Australian designer Ella Rae. She makes her own lovely yarn and sells lots of knitting pattern books. I am in love with her felted bags! She has published two felted bag books already and I will be ordering her book next month for sure! This is one of her fabulous bags:

Isn't it fabulous? I have been practising my pom-pom making in preparation...

They look good enough to eat! I am busy making a bag with the brown and turqoise combination on the left, so might add some pom-poms!


jacqueline said...

Those crochet hooks looks soo cute and designer Ella Rae's bag is soo cute! I hope you somehow receive these items. :D Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

sewkalico said...

I am hoping my mother will be over for Xmas. If you can wait and you see anything you want. She can always bring it out (to CT and make a plan from there...)