Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fancy Fabric Bag

Did I mention that I am highly inspired and productive at the moment? Obvious isn't it, when I am sewing during weeknights! This is the bag I designed myself. No brain surgery, just a plain bag with a different shape. Love, love, love it!

This lovely fabric is one of only three precious pieces of Japanese fabric I own. This own is by Kokka. I have this in grey and pink as well. I needed a larger bag to show off these stunning, big flowers. I was also keen to use some of my homemade fake leather bag handles. The blue polka dot fabric is from Arthur Bales. I have this fabric in various colours.

A close-up of my fake leather bag handles. Not the best finishing on them, but they work for me. And they are so cheap to make! Have you seen the prices of bag handles? Anyway, each pair that I make gets better, I think. I am still working on proper finishes for my bag handles.

A view from the top. You can see some of my many inside pockets. I love lots of pockets for the stuff I need to get to quickly. At least this time I did not forget the magnetic snap closure. I was planning to use piping, but decided against it. The fabric is so stunning, I think it does not need any further embellishments.

This is a side view to show the heavier interfacing that I used for the outer bag off. I used two layers of interfacing for the outer bag, one standard iron-on interfacing and then I added a heavier iron-on interfacing on top of that. The heavy one creases badly, but it makes the bags so nice and firm. Overall a big, roomy bag that fits all my daily essentials and more!

Apologies - another creased bag! I normally cannot wait to take photos.

This is a sneek peek at my Simple Party bag, ready to sew. It is all cut out and interfacing ironed on. Once this part is done, it literally takes me about an hour to finish a bag. A lovely, quick project for a weeknight!
I also came up with a new design for my next bag. It's in my head and once I have selected the right fabric, I will make it. Wonder how many bags can fit into my closet?

Apart from working and sewing yesterday, I also played action photographer. This is my son flying past on his BMX. My heart nearly stopped afterwards. He's removed the brakes from his bike and just after this jump he races towards a glass sliding door, using his expensive name-brand shoes to brake.... Boys!


sewkalico said...

I also love love love that bag! Scarey boy LOL!

jacqueline said...

i am soo smitten! This bag is so gorgeous and i love the fabric especially the dots! That leather handler add such a lovely touch to the bag! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to yoU!

Luisa said...

loved your bag. I've been doing fabric bags because I can't resist when I find a great fabric. Would you like to take a look?