Monday, March 1, 2010

Simple Party Clutch Bag

I had a super-productive sewing weekend! I started knitting a super-easy Mobius-type shawl from a pattern I found on the Jo-anne store website. I am making it in a cerise pink yarn and hope to finish it before I leave for Chicago this week. I also managed to finish sewing my own Simple Party Clutch bag which I showed a sneek peek of in my last post.

I made a few changes to the pattern for mine. One of the changes is that I did not use the very thick interfacing, so my bag is a bit more flexible, but still quite firm. I'll have to get used to the extra work to open the flap to get to my daily essentials. I prefer an open bag with just a magnetic snap, but this is such a cute bag, I will make the effort. I bought this black and white fabric at Hobby-X last year but forgot to look at the designer. I'll update this post later.

I used a purple polka-dot for the lining. I think the purple is stunning with the black and white fabric. Lots of pockets inside for all my essentials to be within easy reach and the handle long enough to wear the bag over my shoulder. I am not fond of clutch type handles. I need my hands free when I shop and do things.

I also made 5 tops this weekend. Yes, FIVE tops! I am so pleased with all of them. Sadly my camera is giving me hassles so after these two photos it refused to co-operate. I think it might be the cheap batteries I bought last week! So I will be off to buy my regular expensive batteries today so I can share pics of my tops with you.

My yellow scarf is also not finished yet. I am so hoping I can finish it in time for my trip but time is getting short now as I leave on Thursday and still have a million things to do. Hope you all have a great week!


sewkalico said...

5 tops and a gorgeous bag!!! You rock!!

Anonymous said...

How impressive! Way to go!

CraftySmiles said...

They are really nice. I do sewing my self ( started last Autumn ). I love making bags, only trouble i can't find the right interfacing so bags look nice and steady. I had trouble this morning with heavy iron on interfacing all my project went in the bin:(. Or I just don't know yet how to use it right. Would you be able to help,please. My only way of learning is finding people on internet and ask them questions.
Thank you

Kate said...

OMG 5 tops!? You have been really busy!! I love this bag that you have done, and I am looking forward to seeing all those tops. I hope you have fun on your trip!

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