Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping in the USA!

I am back. Actually, I have been back at home a WEEK today! It has been crazy both at work and home since I returned. How did everyone survive without me for a week?! It's almost like everything just stopped when I left and on my return I have to catch up that week and carry on with the new week at the same time. Hectic!

I did have a great time shopping during my trip though. I paid a visit to Hobby Lobby, my favorite store for all crafts, and this time also managed to visit a Jo-ann's, although a smaller store and a bit disappointing. None of the shops I visited had designer fabric or purse frames and I did not find the orange pom-poms I wanted, but I am grateful that my suitcase finally was found and arrived two days after I did! Imagine my panic - ALL my fabric purchases were in that lost bag!! Here are a few of the things I did buy:

First on my LIST was this book. I was delighted to finally find it at Barnes & Noble. LOVE this book and have already cut out 3 skirts based on patterns in this book. I will do a full review in the next month. If you are into making clothes, this book is a MUST have!

Ah, lots of fabulous fabric! There are several more photos, but I won't bore you and post them all. You will see them in my projects coming up!

Plenty of sewing and home dec magazines and idea books as well. Love the variety you can get in the US. The one above is from Better Home and Garden and has fabulous ideas in.

I also bought some pom poms in various colours, lovely fabric for skirts I want to make, some ribbon and other trims, bag handles, etc. I also had a chance to visit a Dollar Tree shop. Wow! That's all I can say. More about my purchases will surface in projects I am busy with over the next few weeks. All I can say is that I envy crafters living in the US as they have such a variety of shops to choose from. All in all, a great trip and a lot of shopping achieved in a short time as this was a business trip.

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Lova said...

Welcome back Loraine. Glad to hear you had a fab trip. And those book & magazines look great. I also made a skirt from that book last year and don't buy skirt pattern anymore as you can make so many different ones from that book. Can't wait to see the clothing you are going to see next.