Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crochet That Fits - Lining my felted Houndstooth-check purse

As I mentioned in my previous post, this is a fantastic book with extremely easy, classy items to crochet inside. There are hats, scarves, belts, dresses, skirts, tops and my favorite, handbags, inside. I have made two bags from this book and last night worked like a crazy woman to finish the first - The Houndstooth-check felted bag.

Lining a felted bag is a bit easier than lining a plain crocheted or knitted bag. Mainly because the non-felted bag still has a lot of stretch in it, so you have to be careful to ensure the lining is big enough. I normally cut my fabric way bigger than the actual bag as you can see in this photo. I then start sewing the side only until I am happy with the fit. Then I sew the bottom and make a flat botton last. I leave a long extra piece at the top, which I fold over (on the inside) and then sew to the bag. With felted bags, sewing with the machine works well, but with plain crocheted or knitted bags, I find that machine sewing stretches the bag out of proportion and takes the elasticity away, so I handsew. Not my favorite, but it looks better.

Now I have finished sewing the fabric lining, complete with 4 pockets that I require to keep my necessities neat and handy in my purse. You will see above that I have already folded the long top piece of fabric back, but have not sewn the lining on yet. If you are putting a magnetic snap in the lining, this is the time to do it.

This picture gives you a better view of the lovely look of this crochet pattern. It is the best, and easiest, houndstooth pattern I have ever seen. Next comes the handles and magnetic snap. As you know, I make my own leather handles and I found these dark grey handles in my stash, all made up already. I have opted to attach the handles to the lining instead of sewing it onto the outside of the bag as per the pattern.

The lining and handles are all nicely sewn in now. I decided to make a firm bottom for the bag and quickly cut a piece of my plastic I use for this. I sewed a fabric cover for it and inserted it lose in the bag. I decided to put the magnetic snap in the flap as the pattern did, but had to search for an extra piece of felted yarn I could handsew the snap to. This is just extra re-inforcement because the felted yarn will eventually get damaged with frequent use.
I will upload this project to Ravelry today as well and will list the yarn details there if you are interested.
All done! I am already using my bag today! Love, love, love it! Can you believe that I often, like today with a new bag, chose what I will wear that day according to the bag I want to use? Is that crazy? Maybe you girls won't think so, but my non-crafty friends think I am!

Tonight I hope to finish the lining of the black and orange crocheted bag I showed you recently as well as make the leather handles and lining for the other project I made from this book, the Sweater Bag. Have a great day!


Gingini said...

This bag turns out great! I knew it! :) And even your lining is super! Everytime you look into your bag you see those beautiful polka dots! :)
You can call it a 'happy bag' because it makes you happy! :)
I'll look at Ravelry.

Unknown said...

What a lovely bag and I just love the spot fabric. You are just like my friend Trixie who also chooses her outfit to match the bag she has chosen for the day. She cannot understand that I use the same bag day in day out until I am fed up with it and then move onto another one....It takes all sorts of people to make up this crazy world of ours!!. You have given me a few ideas to think about when next making up a bag so thanks for that.
Have a great day.

jacqueline said...

This is now my favorite bag!! I love everything about it ~ the colors and the lining are gorgeous! How wonderful to know that you make your own leather handles! I really really love them! Wish i could also make my own leather handles but these are just so hard to find here! Thanks so much for sharing ~ i really love this bag! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!