Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Sewing - Knit Tops

The arrival of a long-awaited top pattern put me in the mood to sew some knit tops again. That's what I ended up doing the entire weekend! I am so pleased with the results though that I do not mind not touching other WIP's. For several months now I have been disgruntled because I love the cross-over style type top, but after sewing several patterns, were very disappointed with the results. (These are the ones I sew but do not post on my blog!) Recently I found a website of a UK designer and bought several pdf patterns from her website. At last, a pattern that FITS! Go to to see her marvelous patterns.

I am so delighted with the results! A perfect fit. I even played around with my own additions to the pattern and made the sleeves different.
I followed a great tutorial to make your own flounce sleeves here I made a longer flounce in black and then a shorter one on top in the same fabric as the top. I made the sleeve length to just below my elbow as I hate flouncy sleeves at my wrists. It always gets in the way when I work on my computer or around the house. It came out perfect! This black and white stretch knit fabric is the last bit left from my visit to Hobby Lobby in Chicago this year.

You all know me already. If I find a great pattern, I make many! So I did. Here is another plain version of this pattern - Wrap Style Top - in bright pink and green. Looks more like pajamas, but never mind. This fabric is also from Hobby Lobby.

And another one in the same style, but once again I played around a bit with the sleeves. I added white ruffles to the sleeves. Again, I made the sleeves shorter so the ruffle does not irritate me.

A close-up of the simple ruffle sleeves. I did not even bother to hem the ends of the sleeves as I just knew it might change the shape. This white fabric is very stretchy, so it might not look so good. Fortunately you can do this with knit fabric. I like the look!

I also made this lilac top. Love the style of this pattern! It has a V shape in the back and front. Finally I have a lilac top to wear. This is one of the patterns I bought from Will update this blog entry with pattern details soon.
I cut out a few more tops and a few corduroy skirts, but ran out of time. Today sees the first day of the big annual Arthur Bales July Sale! I am real excited as there are always amazing bargains on both yarn and fabric and I am off to Linden in the next 30 minutes! I will share my new loot later this week. Hope you all have a great Monday!


Unknown said...

Morning you clever girl. I love the tops they are so you... I love the pink one and no! it does not look like P.J.s it is so summery. Enjoy your bargain hunt.
Beverley xx

Lova said...

Hi Loraine. Hope things are calmer in your part of the world now that the world cup is finished. These tops suit you very well, and I like the sleeves a lot. Cheers. Lova

Pam Erny said...

Beautiful tops !
..and I am so glad you found my Flounce Tutorial helpful :)

jacqueline said...

Your tops are just as beautiful as your bags!! I really love seeing your gorgeous creations ~ always! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!