Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Positively Crochet - Patchwork Purse

I am an undying fan of Mary Jane Hall now! She says she is busy with another book and frankly, I cannot wait to see how she can improve on Positively Crochet and Crochet That Fits! I could not wait to share my Patchwork Purse. I finished the bag this past weekend, but still had to attach the lining, tassles and a few other odds and ends. So here it is!
Don't look too closely! My handsewing sucks! I used three of my favorite colors that reminds me of my visit to Mexico a few years ago. I incorporated all the colors into my handle and the tassles, but otherwise stayed very closely to the original pattern. A first for me! The little squares crochet up real fast. The most time is spent on assembling and finishes.
I used my favorite (discontinued - bah!) Elle Wool Boutique Merino Solids felting yarn. I am not planning to felt the bag, but this yarn is so nice to work with and the colors are simply awesome. I used plain black lining that is strengthened with stiff interfacing and also sewed lining to the long handle to avoid stretching. I can pack quite a bit into my bags every day, so it needs to be strong and big enough to hold all my stuff. Overall, once again, a fun easy bag to make!

On another note, all three our dogs have paid a visit to the VET in the last two weeks! This is our cheeky little man, Buksie. He was in on Monday to, hmm, have his manhood removed, poor thing. I cannot see any change in his aggressive attitude though!

And here is Jessie, our new baby. She is doing so well now and has grown three times her size when we got her a few weeks ago. She is such a lovely dog. Playful, sweet and yes, naughty too. She still pinches yarn! Here she is on her "bed" next to the heater.

Our old girl, Maxine, had her turn at the VET yesterday and was diagnozed with breast cancer. Fortunately it's in the early stages, so she will be operated the first week in August to remove the growths. I will post pics of her next week. She is such a lovable lady and caused great comotion at the VET. She loves people, especially kids and puppies, but she hates cats and the VET has two resident cats! The VET was extremely busy but the waiting room cleared very fast!

My next project? I am keen to make a very large, bulky crochet bag with my (very expensive) Rowan Little Big Wool yarn. I found a perfect pattern on Ravelry and hope to start on it tonight. Hope you are all having a good week!


Elizabeths Attic said...

Do you have more hours in your day than the rest of us because you amaze me with the amount you pack into your day not to mention your week. I hope your little dog is OK it is always a rench when our pets are poorly and as you know my cat Felix was poorly a while back and it broke my heart.
Have a great week - still on my fabric challenge and will post some of the results early next week.
Beverley x

jacqueline said...

WOW you did such an amzing work on this patchwork bag! I love it lots as always you always make the most amazing bags! Your little doggies are all sooo adorable! Their photos make me smile! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!