Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Amy Butler Sew-It Kit

I am a sworn Amy Butler fan, but this product was a real disappointment to me. If you own the In Stitches book, do not purchase the Sew-It Kit! Of the 15 projects in the kit only 5 were not in the In Stitches book. Urghh!
There are 15 sewing cards in the box, some contrasting fabric and thread and a full-size pattern to complete one of the projects - in my case, the tissue box. Lovely presentation and fabulous fabric, although two very small pieces.
If I remember correctly, this fabric is from a discontinued line. Could they spare a bit more fabric to make room for error? Or another small project?
My verdict: As I said, lovely presentation, gorgeous pieces of fabric, but annoying that most projects I already have in my In Stitches book. If you do not own In Stitches, this will be a good buy or a great present for a sewing friend.

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