Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Buzzy, buzzy bee!

I feel ashamed! It has been a MONTH since my last post! Since coming back to work and with the new school year beginning, I have been crazily busy and have not posted once. No excuse. I had time to sew and post on flickr...Anyway, I am back and will make a point of posting at least once a week now.

Lots to update! What have I been up to? Most importantly, I have been re-decorating my Sewing Room! This is always so much fun. As the room itself inspires my creative juices, it is so important to change the decor a bit every now and then.
This is a view of one area in my sewing room that I am really so pleased about. I wanted to bring in some black & white with the pink theme and when I saw these magazine box files advertized in a local magazine, I ordered several.
They are wider than the average box file and the best of all: the words "creative ideas" on the boxes fit in perfectly! And the price was great too.

This is another item that is new in my sewing room - my tailor's dummy. A very good friend of mine went to great trouble to get me one so I appreciate it even more!
Another corner of my sewing room I really love! My magnetic notice board against the wall, my new CD rack with all my tutorials and inspiration on CD and my new wooden storage ideas. I have not put anything inside yet. I am still at the admiring stage...

A close-up of the new wooden drawer cabinet which I covered with Michael Miller fabric paper from my scrapbooking stash and my bicycle CD rack. Isn't it cute?
There are several other areas of note in my room, but I have lots of posts to get through, soI will post more at a later stage.

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Tammy "SweetT" said...

Your room looks great! I am jealous.