Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A is for Apron, by Nathalie Mornu

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! What a great buy it is. I have already made 8 aprons from this book, although most of them are from one pattern - The Fruit Tart on page 52.

What a fabulous Apron this is! So easy to make and it looks marvelous. I wear one of these every time I sew. The pockets are large and holds a variety of tools and other stuff I need with me, like my cellphone.

Another favorite of mine, the Lorelei on page 65. I made this one for my sister in pinks.
The book contains a lot of the history of aprons and even shows some of Nathalie's private vintage collection. Very impressive. There are 25 projects in the book and each one is fabulous! There is also a section in the back that gives you some additional embellishment ideas.

I only have one issue with this book - the patterns are not full-size. I prefer full-size patterns. I have such a problem with the cost of enlargements locally.

Each apron is made by another designer. The front of the book provides some basic sewing techniques. The patterns are easy to follow and even for beginner sewers. If you love aprons like I do, I highly recommend this book!

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EllynAnne said...

Hey! and welcome to the apron-hood! I can tell by the photos (and pink blog!)that you have an eye for color - I think choosing the fabric combinations and embellishments to be my favorite part of apron design.

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xxEllynAnne, author The Apron Book
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