Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New wardrobe!

I have forgotten how amazing it is to wear something you sewed yourself! On Monday I wore the skirt and matching bag I posted about last week, to work. It is so nice to know you made it yourself, never mind the money you saved by not buying it! Above a picture taken by my budding photographer son showing the skirt and matching bag.

You might remember that I made a contrasting yoke in this skirt. I tried to show the yoke in this picture, so that explains my clothing appearing a bit messed up!
I bought the March 2009 copy of Burda Fashion recently. One of the few sewing magazines sold locally, I really like this book. It is such a pity though that most of the patterns provided are too large for me. Why do most patterns start at size 36?! There was however one dress pattern inside that I really liked and although it was a size 34, I decided to make it. I used a lovely, soft stretch knit I recently bought.

Fortunately I bought matching plain green fabric as well and this was perfect for this pattern. The pattern has a stunning pleat feature that I tried to capture in this picture. It also called for a zipper under the arm. Now this fabric did not work well with a zipper at all! I had to unpick several times. In the end, the zipper was unnecessary as I can just slip the dress over my head without using the zipper! Maybe it is also because it was one size bigger than my normal size, but I must say, I would not like the dress to be tight!

I really like this dress! I added a frill at the bottom and also the green trim at the neckline and arms. I now find myself browsing clothing stores looking for ideas instead of actually buying. I get attracted to interesting embellished necklines and styles that I would like to copy. Whilst browsing I recently found this lovely skirt for just $6.

The skirt is marked as a size 34, but it is HUGE! I plan to make a pencil skirt using the current zip and waistband and there might even be enough fabric for a matching handbag! I am busy repurposing another skirt I found in the shops on sale for $3 at the moment. Watch this space for updates on these projects.

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Lova said...

Oh, my goodness, you are so talented. The matching skirt and bag look so chic. You are right, it is so satisfying to make one's clothing. Looking forward to reading more about your sewing adventures.