Monday, May 18, 2009

Pink Peasant Blouse

I mentioned in the previous post that I am in LOVE with the Peasant Blouse pattern right now. I have cut out a few more on this pattern but started work on a pink floral blouse first. I used 100% cotton made in South Africa, believe it or not!

Close up detail of the elasticated sleeves and neck. I think this fabric is fabulous. I have the same pattern in orange as well. But I think I must make some more stretch knit tops now. Our winter has truly arrived now with the weather being rather icy (6 degrees celcius is by no means icy to anyone in the Northern hemisphere, but for us down in sunny SA, it is freezing!) at the moment, so no chance of wearing these summery blouses for a while!


alguien said...

Hi! I`m Ana, fron Argentina. Sendme this pattern. Please.
Thank you. (

alguien said...

Pink peasant blouse