Thursday, May 14, 2009

Purple is the colour!

LOVE this bright purple fabric! It's another jersey knit I recently purchased. I was browsing in one of my favorite clothing stores looking for ideas and found a lovely knit skirt that I copied here. The skirt has 4 panels in a A-line that you sew together and then a contrasting band at the bottom and knit ribbing for the waistline.

So easy to sew on and it looks lovely. This is a closer view of the ribbing waistline. This purple fabric is really something. I sewed the ribbing on without making any changes to it, but after walking down the hallway (fortunately at home!) the other night and finding it suddenly difficult to walk, I have changed my mind! I looked down and the skirt was around my knees! Oh dear, I need to take in the ribbing as this cannot happen in public.

Another view of the skirt showing the contrasting plain black jersey knit hem. I really like this skirt. It was so easy to sew and wears like a dream too. I will be making more of these soon.

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sewing the seeds of love said...

This looks great and very comfortable to wear I imagine. Did you use a pattern or just make 4 panels that were tapered?
I spotted some fabric at the shops today similar to yours, which reminded me of yours . I think I will go back and buy it tomorrow, I was unsure of how much to purchase.
if it is 140cm wide do you think 4 metres would be enough ??? or too much ??
x PJ x