Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New skirt

This is made using my favorite skirt pattern, New Look 6735. This skirt has several panels and flair at the bottom. This is another colour of the same green stretch knit fabric I used for the dress I made. This fabric works so well with this kind of pattern as it is supersoft and hangs nicely.

Browsing through my book, Sew What! Skirts, looking for ideas on how to sew the elastic waistband, I decided to try the bias binding waistband. This was supereasy! You sew it the same way you sew bias binding to any edge but instead of overlapping the ends, you fold each end under and leave a gap so you can thread the elastic through. The book does not recommend you sew it closed afterwards, but seeing how the skirt came out the wash, I just might sew the two bias binding edges together by hand.

After seeing how nice the lilac bias binding looked at the waist, I decided to use the same bias binding to decorate the hem - or maybe I was just too lazy to sew a hem! I think it looks so nice. I just forgot to iron the bias binding hem!


Kate said...

Cute skirt, and great choice for the binding along the bottom!

life coach said...