Thursday, May 14, 2009

Peasant Blouse

What a pleasure to sew this easy-peasy adult size peasant blouse from a FREE pattern I found on I wanted to make one from new fabric I bought but since you are given instructions to make your own pattern, I decided to try it first on some older fabric I had in my stash. Teresa's instructions are great! I made my own pattern and although I made the first one a bit bigger to be sure, the pattern is perfect as is.

A close-up view of the stunning fabric with red roses border and the sleeves which I also elasticated. It is such a cute blouse. I bought this cotton fabric for making a bag but I think it looks so much better in a blouse!

I have cut out two more of this pattern and am busy making a pink floral blouse at the moment. I highly recommend this pattern. Thank you Teresa for great instructions and a fab pattern!


Kate said...

Very cute works perfectly for this top!

Jacqueline said...

YOU are so TALENTED! I love this blouse and the skirt you made! Would be so much fun if i live close to you. hehe You always pick such nice fabrics too! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!!

sewkalico said...

Love it! Especially love how you've done the sleeves!

Unknown said...

I discovered this fantastic site today via my search for a peasant blouse pattern. If anyone has a link I can use to obtain this pattern and tutorial, I would be very appreciative. The link under the picture did not lead to the pattern as had hoped.


Tess said...

Wow you've made a beautiful top!
I am so glad you found it easy to follow. :-)
Thank you for your positive comments!
The pattern itself is hosted on my website, but the html version of the tutorial (with a link to the PDF) is found on my blogger site: