Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lavender and closet organization

Every morning it is a battle of wills to find anything in my overflowing closet! At least once a week I find an item of clothing that I have not seen in years. Does this sound familiar? I know I have too much clothes to begin with, but I am in desperate need of a closet re-organization. So I browsed on the best website ever - Better Homes and Gardens - and found great tips.
Of course, it did involve some sewing and fabric from my stash! After measuring the shelves, I cut some of my beautiful oilcloth to line the shelves. I used a stack of baskets I bought on 50% sale on Sunday morning and best of all, I sewed some lovely lavender sachets from the loveliest lavender sheer fabric with stunning lavender closet smells heavenly and i can now at least find my shoes, underwear and make-up. I still have lots to do, only finished one closet, but who knew organizing your closet could be fun?!

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