Friday, November 7, 2008

Unfinished Wall Hanging

Several months ago I got this MAD idea in my head that I can make a quilt. Ha! It did not last very long after I started scouring the internet and saw how looong it took to make one. I am all for projects that can be finished in a few hours, at the most a few days. This looked like months of work! So, the project changed to a small wall hanging.

I amd very pleased with the result so far. I plan to hang this behind the door in my craft room and to actually USE it for crafty bits. This was my first attempt at applique' by hand.

I used embroidery thread and the famous blanket stitch to outline the flowers and the leaves and insides of the flowers were done on my machine using a very small zig-zag stitch. All I need to do now is to "bind" it, I think they call it? Well, I have several documents on how to do this and I also asked my new blog friend and fellow South African, Karol-Ann from for advice. She is an EXPERT in quilting as you can see on her blog. I will post this baby as well when it is finally done!

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sewkalico said...

Now calling me an expert ight be a bit extreme! But I do love quilting!LOL