Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fabric and Vinyl bag

This is my third fabric and vinyl bag. You see, once I am faced with a challenge I cannot stop!

This time I used another bag design for a smaller bag and only put a strip of vinyl at the top of the bag with vinyl handles. I used a stiff interfacing for the lining but what I believe they call iron-on batting for the outer bag. Really nice!

A glimpse of the pink polka dot lining here. I have actually used this bag to work for two days now and love it. I should however have positioned the magnetic snap a bit higher as it refuses to close with the pockets full and so close to the snap. Watch this space for more fabric and vinyl bags coming soon.

I could only find a few examples of other seamstresses who have made fabric and vinyl or leather bags. Please feel free to share any ideas, advice or links that might be useful. Hope you enjoyed my vinyl adventure so far. I know I did!


Anonymous said...

I love this the most out of all the 3 bags! Love the color pink and green and i LOVE LOVE the polka dots! very lovely!
Have a merry happy day and love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

This is a great bag! I love it! Maybe I should start with vinyl too! :D

syl said...

Re: Sewing faux leather handles. Have you ever thought of using a glue for leather to glue the 2 pieces of faux leather strips together wrong side to wrong side instead of trying to sew them since the sewing machine won't cooperate?