Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Softie craze

Recently I have been in what I call "a softie craze". I get bored with the same kind of project quite easily, so tend to make a few of one thing and then hop onto the next thing. Whilst in my softie craze I scoured the internet for inspiration to make a penquin. What a disappointment! I could not find a penquin I liked. I wanted something easy. Like one pattern piece...So I decided to design my own pattern. Not quite just one piece, but still easy!

Of course, the first one was pink! Isn't it cute? This is my first time sewing with fleece can you believe? In all my years of sewing I never used fleece before. If feels so wonderful. This little madam is now residing in my sewing room. I made a grey and white penquin for my son as well, but it still needs eyes. More softies to come soon! I am working on a pattern for a cow, hippo, owl and a few other things.

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Jacqueline said...

Oh my! This little penquin is soooo adorable! Looks really good to hug! I love fleece but i can't seem to find any shops here that sell them. Im looking forward to see more of your softies!! Lots of love to you and yours dear friend!