Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No-sew fleece project

Whilst at Fiona's, my usual assistant shared a cute idea with me for making a poncho from fleece. I have not made a poncho yet, but I have ideas of making some scarves and a few other small things soon. It did make me think about trying her idea on the poor, lonely, uncovered cushion on the chair in my sewing room. This cushion has been bare for several months now...I just could not decide what fabric to cover it with. So, fleece it is!
This is so easy! I did the cushion in less than 30 minutes! You just cut two pieces of fleece larger than the piece of sponge and cut the fringes about 10 cm (about 4") long on both sides. Then you tie the fringes together all round and you are done!
A closer view of the tied fringes above. Love this fleece! More easy fleece projects coming soon...

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Anonymous said...

This cushion looks soo pretty and i love love the colors! Your soo talented! So happy i found you to share some sewing adventures with! Love to you!