Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sewing machine cover

A few months ago when I was in an oilcloth craze, I made a cover for my sewing machine. I have not been very happy with this cover and have added to my long list of sewing projects to make a fabric cover. I finally made it using a pattern provided inside one of the magazines I bought at the show.
I wasn't crazy about the embroidery pattern provided so decided on a simple PINK TULIP for my machine cover. I love doing embroidery. It is so relaxing.
A close-up of the completed embroidery on the front of the cover. Very simple.

How is this for perfect piping? I am really pleased because I had my first attempts at piping when I made the Amy Butler Weekender Bag and the Sophia Bag in the last few months. I seem to have no problems with piping.

Wish I could say the same about my amateurish attempt at free motion quilting! I bought the pressure foot for my machine several months ago but I still cannot figure out how to install it! So I tried it with a darning plate and a normal pressure foot. Looks OK, but not the best!

Here it is! The completed sewing machine cover. In pink. Of course. I think this is enough gingham for the room. Flowers or stripes are up next. I want to make a mousepad with fabric next....

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