Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Fabric and Vinyl Handbags

I just had to try another one or two fabric bags with vinyl insets! This Amy Butler Midwest Modern 2 fabric went so well with the tan vinyl.
I was however determined that this bag's handles will be vinyl only and as you can see from this picture above, I found a very slow, and painful, way to sew the handles. I sewed them on the wrong side and turned them inside out with my index finger (as the knitting needle did not work - I tried all the tools I have!) and brute force.

Although I do have matching fabric from the same Amy Butler range, I decided to use the same fabric for the lining. Once again, I used very stiff interfacing to support the vinyl.

A close-up picture of the vinyl handles. The handle on the left all sewn up and the one on the right just turned out. I had to pull a bit to get the handles through the machine. The stitching is very small despite the setting on large stitches, but it did not skip any stitches or bundle up in any places.The second handle being stitched with the teflon foot. I did not have the right colour thread, so I just used the pink thread. Looks OK though.

Yeah! All done and looking very smart. I love this bag!

A view from the top showing the lining. Lovely bag. Cannot wait to take it shopping!


Anonymous said...

This lovely bag looks so playful and fun! I love how you show pictures of each steps you take in making this bag! Really inspirational and very helpful!
Love to you!

Jana Nielson said...

I have to tell you that I love that bag! Amy Butler is my favorite, and I love how it goes with the brown Vinyl.