Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sew Pretty Homestyle, by Tone Finnanger

Tone Finnanger's books are pure eye candy! I absolutely LOVE the photography in her books. It makes you want to start on all the projects immediately and redecorate your house right now! I already own one of her books, the Pretty Christmas Homestyle, which I reviewed on this blog recently.

This book, like the previous book, is divided into projects for different rooms in the house: It starts off with basic techniques and supplies and then moves on to projects for the entrance hall; the kitchen; dining room, kitchen, living room, conservatory, hobby room, bathroom, bedroom and children's room ending with full size patterns.
Aren't these bags lovely? I am so going to make one of these. Her projects are so simple yet so beautiful. I love the Tilda fabrics as well although it seems it is only available in the UK and Europe and horrendously expensive. Nothing on Etsy, hmph!
I am really keen to make these table mats. Can you believe that this is handquilted?! A very simple, but effective little bit of stitching and the overall effect is amazing.
And this easy and adorable chair cushion is also on my list of sewing projects.

A new take on a simple pincushion. Fitted on a wooden ring, this simple round pincushion with exquisite embroidery detail will make a fantastic gift.

Tone's soft toys are delightful and decorative. As always there are her trademark angels for every room and occasion and this book has a dog, cat, horses and teddies, like the one above. I have made some of her soft toys before and they are easy to make. In this book she uses large buttons to tie legs and arms to the body.

This floor mat and slippers makes you think of cozy winter evenings. Wish I could afford some of her lovely wool felt to make these!

These fabric roses are first on my list! They would look amazing on my bags. So simple to make and a beautiful effect. Overall, stunning projects, some just variations of what is in her other books, but with a fresh new angle every time. Well worth buying! Did you know that there is a special blog for Tone Finnanger fans? Just google her name and you will find it! Amazing!


Jana Nielson said...

I haven't ever heard of Tone Finnanger....I am going to do more reasearch on her though. That book looks gorgeous!

Julia said...

Hello there!

yes, I am also a fan of Tone's work - its very beautiful and I adore her books!

Julia x

Carla said...

I have this book and simply love it! So much inspiration.